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This story for The Athletic was scary, fascinating and even a bit haunting. Was told that former NHL player Adam Burish was in Vegas the night of the mass shooting and this story was the result of lengthy conversations with Burish, his close friend who was also there, family members and even PTSD doctors.

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We chose Person of the Year winners for each city in The Athletic universe, with Henrik Zetterberg getting the honors in Detroit. It was an opportunity to spend a lot of time talking to Zetterberg and those around him, including his wife Emma to produce a snapshot of his late-career success.

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One of my favorite assignments is to walk into the dressing room of the losing team in a big moment to attempt and describe the emotion of that moment on deadline. One of the heaviest atmospheres came in 2015 after the Blackhawks beat the Lightning to win another Stanley Cup. Tampa was devastated, nobody moreso than their superstar captain Steven Stamkos.

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I love writing about Brent Burns. When trying to discover how he developed one of the NHL’s most lethal shots, I found out about his obsessive personality.

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We were the first outlet that analyst Ken Daniels shared the devastating story about the death of his son with – resulting in this piece for The Athletic that has proven to be a real eye-opener for those unfamiliar with predatory rehab centers.

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Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno opened up his home to tell the incredible, scary and inspiring story of his daughter’s survival.

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For one of the interview issues of ESPN the Magazine, I had a blast sitting down with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews at the height of their stardom to facilitate an interview between the two of them.


While at ESPN, I was a regular on SportsCenter and contributor on Outside the Lines. Should I have done a better job saving those video clips? Probably. Here’s one I somehow randomly found on YouTube (fun fact – There’s a 90 percent chance I’m wearing flannel pajama pants here while recording in my hotel room):